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Motivational speeches, meetings, presentations

Climbing the highest peaks of the world requires the first several months of concentration, preparation, disciplined training. You have to learn what important, focus on priorities, develop in a constantly strength and courage.

Then, already in the highest mountains of the world is uncompromising struggle – with the weather conditions, with himself. You have to constantly make choices, make decisions, well and efficiently collaborate with others. You need to think, but also have intuition. You have to push forward, but also know when to stop.

Mountains inspire, delight, shaped by the people, their thinking and behavior.
At the meetings Kinga Baranowska shares his fascination know
and experiences.

Training: motivation, self-motivation, teamwork

Mountains are an excellent school for good planning, decision-making, crisis management and cooperation
in team. Many of these experiences becomes the perfect model of action for managing projects, managing teams, strategic decision makers. Inspiration and learning is the result of such meetings.

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